Mass Diallo

Mass Diallo, born in Senegal, began his dance journey at the Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor in Dakar, where he embarked on his professional career as a traditional African dancer.

His curiosity about the rich dance traditions of the African continent led to his specialization in the typical and energetic dance style Sabar from Senegal, which he danced on the streets of Dakar since childhood.

His passion for Djembe, a dance he masters as a virtuoso, constitutes his second artistic love.

Mass also dances with love other African dance styles, including Djola, Serrere, Manding, Toucouleur, Peulh, Zulu, and modern African dance.

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Versatile artist

As a performer, Mass frequently graced the stage alongside renowned Senegalese artists such as Youssou N’dour, Baaba Maal, Vivian Chedid, Coumba Gawlo, and Wally Seck.

He also shone in many music videos of national pop artists, where he performed the popular dance style Mbalax as part of groups.

Mass, a versatile artist, excels both as a soloist and in group performances. He constantly seeks innovation as a performer while remaining true to the deeply rooted traditions of his country.


As a choreographer, in 2008 Mass co-founded the ballet Waato Siito with a group of dancers. Under the leadership of former director of the National Ballet, Pabouly Sonko, and his son and current director of the National Ballet, Pape Moussa Sonko, as captain and head choreographer, Mass created new works and put the ballet on the map.

The ballet traveled to Europe and the United States and performed at renowned festivals, including the BAM DanceAfrica Festival in New York.

Dutch Journey

Mass came to the Netherlands for love. Since 2019, he has been living in Amsterdam Zuidoost with his wife Jojanneke Poorter and their two children.

Mass found his path as a creator, choreographer, and dance teacher in the Netherlands. In 2023, he co-founded the Mass Arts Company foundation with Jojanneke.

With this foundation, he aims to realize educational and artistic projects in collaboration with other cultural institutions.
In the Netherlands, Mass regularly conducts workshops at schools and dance academies. Additionally, he works as a model and actor for various casting agencies.

Jojanneke and Mass