Comedian and traditional musician with Theatre Action de Pikine (T.A.P.) de Samba WANE and the group LIBIDOR of Malick Ndiaye (Fara Thial Thial) and scenes at the national channel  

Dancer Sabar with group LONDON (Winner of “Coupe Japonaise” of Sabar dance and other cups)  

Mastering Djembé at Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor / Ballet Africa Matimbo: 
• Dance teachers from Guinée
• Modern dance with great teachers like Jean Tamba & Père Mamadou Diop  

Dancing with several dance groups: 
• Ballets des Afrique Noire 
• Ballet Rythme Africain
• Les Ambassadeur de la culture Africaine
• Les Amazones de Dakar with Oumou SOW (danced with her on tour in severals African countries) 
• Festival Kaay Feec (at Centre Cultural Blaise Senghor) with Ballet COUTOUBO (winner of the competition)  

End of 2009

Founding the dance group Les Black Pantheres (we participated at the 50th anniversary of Senegal (cinquantenaire), and many tours, events and clips of some great artists)


Dancing at Festival Mondial des Arts Négres (FESMAN) with great master choreographer George Momboy  


Dancing at the inauguration of Grand Theatre of Dakar Participation at Festival Cultural Arabo-Africain of folk dance: Tizi-Ouzou / Algerie for 15 days with Ballet WATOO SIITA (winner of the cup of 18 participated countries with ‘Diplomes d’Honneur’ for all dancers of the ballet)  


Participation in several festivals in France (Lyon, Toulon, Marseille, Toulouse, Saint-Girons, Montréjeau) for 45 days with Ballet WATOO SIITA of BOULY SONKO (former director of Ballet National de SORANO) and PAPE MOUSSA SONKO.  

• Participation in many events of great Senegalese artists: Youssou N’Dour, Baba Maal, Coumba Gawlo, Oumou Sow
• Participation in Festival Kaay Feec (at Sorano) with Madame Oumy Seme, a former dancer of Ballet national DANIEL SORANO. We also gave some dance workshops for foreign dancers 
• Participation in the tribute at Ndeye Khadu NIANG at Grand Theatre 
• Participation in many tours at Senegal and in the regions of the  country  

• Participation in the  concert of Waly SECK at Tambacounda• Participation in many events of anniversaries (Coumba Gawlo Seck, Fatou Guewel, Assane Ndiaye…) at Grand Theatre at Dakar 

• Participation in Festival Academia di Musica Spectaclo Italia, Roma, Italie (teaching and performing)  

• Participation in BAM Festival with Ballet WAATO SIITA, New York City, United States of America.  

• Teacher of Sabar workshops with foreign dancers (Holland, France, Italy) • Participating Sabar Challenge at Amsterdam, Holland. 
• Teacher of Sabar and Djembé workshops at Amsterdam, Haarlem (Holland) and Liège (Belgium). 
• Following courses of Acogny Technique with Ise Verstegen (Essen, Germany) and Allesandra Seutin (Haarlem, Holland).